My 5G Intro at GPN19 – In German

Thanks to a public holiday in Germany, I just had a 4 day weekend and spent most of it at GPN19 in Karlsruhe learning new things, meeting people and giving back to the community by holding talks as well. I really like that we have lots of community organized hacking events all year around and this one is a particular fun one. It is not as big as the yearly ‘Congress’ in December but still has a lot of diverse topics to get inspired and 1800 people attending.

One of the talks I gave was  a technology introduction to 5G (in German). Probably too high level for most of you visiting this site regularly but being even more overhyped than 4G a decade ago, I thought it was time to talk about technology and reality rather than myths and marketing fluff. A big thank you to the great C3 Video team, it took them less than 2 hours to publish it!