The Endless Flat Rate

Fun post today: Once upon a time, the term ‘flat rate‘ for Internet connectivity meant that you pay a monthly fee and could use the Internet as much as you wanted. But then a lot of mobile network operators started to misuse the term. While still offering a fixed monthly price, the amount of data was limited. Once that amount was used up a speed step-down to a few kilobits per second would be enforced for the rest of the month. At these speeds, Internet connectivity is pretty much useless these days. So much for the ‘flat rate’, the term was totally burned.

Now, more and more operators have started to offer ‘real’ flat rates without a speed step-down. But how do you advertise this? One German network operator has decided to use the German word “endlos” (endless). I admit I had to smile. After years and years of using English words in advertisements because it’s hip and cool, they had to revert back to German as they’ve run out of English words and ideas that haven’t been misused in this context.

One thought on “The Endless Flat Rate”

  1. The Starbucks phenomenon…
    When your smallest cup is already “tall”, what do you call your bigger cups? Grande… Venti….
    well… at least your thirst for coffee will end sooner than your thirst for internet, so they’ll be fine with Venti for a while 😉

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