A Web 2.0 Story: esyURL Creates Short URLs And Detects Mobile Web Browsers

Sometimes it’s almost unbelievable how well ideas spreed within web 2.0: Exactly two weeks ago, Charlie Schick wrote on his blog that he would like to have services that create short URLs out of long URLs for easy referencing in blogs, instant messengers, social networks, etc. to become mobile savy, i.e. that they should detect that the URL is requested from a mobile device and thus send the page in a mobile friendly way.

Filipe Boldo of esyURL reads Charlie’s blog and gets in contact with Russell Beattie who works on Mowser, a web page mobilizer service that reformats web pages for smaller screens, to see if and how Mowser could be integrated with esyURL. Russ gives a couple of tips and Filipe goes to work.

And today, Bernard Tyres sends on note around on Jaiku, a mobile social networking service, that the task has been accomplished. So when people now send interesting links around via esyURL on Jaiku or other web services that I use on my N93 I no longer have to remember to check it out when I get back to the PC but I can take a look immediately with my mobile web browser.

And the best: Based on the browser type given to the web server of esyURL with the request, it is either redirected to the full version of the web page or piped into Mowser for mobile optimization.

Great! Now everybody who sends short URLs around please go over to esyURL and check them out!

Mobile Web 2.0 Ressources

It’s good to see that not only wireless network technology is advancing but also the applications space. Rudy de Waele over from m-trends recently gave a great presentation at the Mobile Web 2.0 conference in London about the Mobile 2.0 Start-Up Ecosystem which is now available online. A great presentation if you are interested in the latest Mobile Web 2.0 developments from a technical perspective and also to find out who gets bought by whom and who gets money from whom.

If you are new to Mobile Web 2.0 or wonder what the difference is to Web 2.0 here is some further background material: