Podcast: US Wireless Carrier Landscape

As a frequent traveler, I’m amazed that each country seems to have it’s oddities when it comes to mobile carriers. In some countries, mobile voice and mobile data is very cheap while in others just accross the border, the world looks quite different. Debi Jones of MobileJones.com and Mediaslaves has been nice enough to do the first in a series of podcasts discussing the state of wireless in different countries. Debi lives in California, so the US mobile landscape is the center of our discussions:

Part 1:

  • Coexistence of GSM and CDMA in the US
  • HSDPA deployment
  • Closed down CDMA handsets
  • The Nokia vs. Qualcomm battle
  • The Korean CDMA/UMTS situation
  • Price of wireless data

Podcast, MP3, 26 mins, 12 MB

Part 2:

  • Muni Wifi and combination of Cellular and Wifi Data plans
  • Wireless traveling in the US
  • A hotspot detector (check it out at CanaryWireless.com)
  • Wireless Instant Messaging, Yahoo Go!, Skype and Trillian
  • Verizon’s Walled Garden
  • Mobile phone multitasking on Nokia N-Series phones
  • Mobile phone design

Podcast, MP3, 28 mins, 13 MB

One thought on “Podcast: US Wireless Carrier Landscape”

  1. Martin, it was great fun talking with you, and I can’t wait to hear more podcasts on the mobile connectivity options, tariffs and data options from other countries.

    Great job on the sound quality. Amazing how differently Skype behaves in the middle of night. I’ll keep that in mind for my future recordings as well.

    The other thing I learned is that I’m more comfortable interviewing that being interviewed. 😉

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