Nokia PC Suite Connects To Several Phones Simultaneously

I was quite surprised that the Nokia PC Suite can connect to several phones simultaneously, e.g. over Bluetooth. Take a look at the picture on the left. When moving the mouse pointer over the PC suite tray bar icon it shows that both phones are connected.

Third Party Applications Support

It even works for third party applications! I use Handysafe on the PC and on a N93 to store my passwords. When synchronizing a window appears in the application to ask the user with which of the phones currently connected to synchronize. Very nice!

Auto Connect

And another nice functionality: The Bluetooth connections to a phone is automatically established whenever it is close to the notebook. That’s a nice feature as I can now access the memory card to transfer files without going through a connection procedure. I’ve used if for a couple of days now and it seems that it doesn’t have a big impact on battery lifetime. That’s probably because the Bluetooth connection is not active all the time and the PC Suite just checks every now and then that the phone is still there.

Also, the permanent virtual connection works nicely alongside other Bluetooth connections I establish every now and then to the mobile phone, e.g. with my foldable Bluetooth keyboard.

But be careful what you wish for: I detected that in conjunction with a 100mW Bluetooth stick, this setup wreaks havoc on my Wifi network. More about that in the next post.

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