IMS Terminal Specifications

While 3GPP specs pretty much go on the bit layer to describe how the IMS should look like in the network, I was wondering lately how the IMS could be implemented from the handset point of view. Here are links to two interesting documents which give a rather interesting insight into how the industry thinks IMS should work on terminals:

One thought on “IMS Terminal Specifications”

  1. Hi Martin

    IMS-capable handsets are definitely a missing piece of the puzzle. And they’re made doubly complex because the IMS part of the phone has to coexist with the non-IMS applications & capabilities. This isn’t a protocol problem, but an OS and UI issue, which is typically well outside the remit of standards bodies. The OMTP have made a good start, but a it’s shame it wasn’t done 3 years earlier.

    I wrote a detailed analyst research report on this about 18 months ago.

    It’s due an update in early 2008, so watch this space.

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