3GSM / MWC : And My Prize for The Best Mobile Experience Goes To.. .

Believe it or not but I have not touched my notebook since last Sunday. The reason is simple: I leave the hotel at 7:30 in the morning and come back home around midnight. During the day carrying a notebook is simply not practicable and once back in the hotel, sleep is much more important. So as you might have noticed due to the spelling errors here and there that I’ve been blogging and picture uploading to Flickr only from the mobile phone. And it has worked very well this year. Typepad has finally managed to get their eMail posting feature straight and posts are now instantly put on the blog. So kudos to them, it works a lot better than last year. To see what others are doing and to keep myself informed, accessing the web from the mobile during the past days has been just as equally imporant. I’ve installed Opera Mini on my N93 before coming to Barcelona for the purpose and played around with it a bit before arriving in town. I’ve been a bit of a sceptic concerning Opera Mini before, being a Java application and all. However, I’ve changed my mind since as the experience of accessing standard web sites via its transcoding features is simply amazing. Especially over the crappy Yoigo network, it shows how its strenghts as it compresses web pages to something that can be downloaded even over such networks in a fly. And on the phone itself the application is very fast despite not being a native application. Might have something to do with the ARM Jazelle extension for executing Java code in hardware. So my prize for the application that gives me the best mobile experience this year goes to Opera for the Opera Mini web browser.

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  1. It’s always great to hear and read about how Opera Mini is literally bring the Web to mobile phones. I hope you stopped by over at our booth over at MWC in Barcelona.

    Opera Software

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