Trend: Mobile Internet Lookup Replaces Address Book Entries

Interesting to see how my handling of addresses and phone numbers has changed since mobile Internet access is possible for almost anywhere now. Here’s an example: Once or twice a year I need to call my shoemaker to bring in some shoes to repair and I need to know his opening hours. Of course I never remember his phone number but I am also just too lazy to create an entry in the address book of my mobile phone. No need anymore these days anyway since a simple Internet search from the phone with "shoemaker" + the town name and I get a web page with a clickable phone number to call instantly. It the small things that drive usability…

One thought on “Trend: Mobile Internet Lookup Replaces Address Book Entries”

  1. Martin – Two weeks ago we released a mobile Web product on iPhone, Fon11. Fon11 has a feature to display nearby landmarks. The landmarks are pulled from OpenLandmark database. From the landmark page, you initiate a call or request a map with direction with one touch. All we need is to get the shoemaker to create a landmark entry for his shop in OpenLandmark.

    I apologize for this plug. We agree with your vision and designed the products for the same purpose.

    Kevin Leong

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