A Glimpse Of Data Roaming As It Should Be

I am in Italy at the moment taking a short vacation and experiencing my first ‘glimpse of data roaming as it should be’: A couple of weeks ago, I picked up a ‘3’ Prepaid SIM card in the U.K. for Internet access while being in Oxford. For 10 pounds a month, one can activate a one gigabyte data option. In addition, ‘3’ doesn’t charge extra for roaming, while using one of their SIMs in one of their other networks. So here I am in Sicily, a thousand miles away from Britain, using the UK SIM card in 3’s Italian network and it works just fine. Since the add on I activated in Oxford three weeks ago lasts for 30 days, it covers my time in Italy as well. Excellent, thanks 3, that’s how it should be! I just wished you had networks in more countries!