18% of Voice Calls Handled in Swedish 3G Networks Now

Two more facts caught my eye in the 2007 market report of the Swedish Telecommunication Authority:

3G Network use for Voice Calls

18% of mobile voice calls (3 billion minutes) where handled by 3G networks, while the remaining 82% must consequently have been handled by GSM networks. Not a huge number yet but it shows the subscriber base is slowly moving to 3G handsets.

Decreasing overall use of Circuit Switched Telephony

The second number is even more astounding: The number of fixed and mobile telephone minutes decreased from 60.000 million minutes in 2001 to just 45.000 million minutes in 2007. The major factor for this is that dialup internet connectivity are being replaced by DSL. Another factor, but minor is the decreasing use of voice telephony due to the adoption of other forms of communications. Mobile minutes are increasing which means fixed line minutes are falling fast.

3 thoughts on “18% of Voice Calls Handled in Swedish 3G Networks Now”

  1. Hi Martin,

    reading you blog, the numbers seemed odd to me. 45 000 minutes of fixed telephony. That would be about two hours a day… Thats not much for 8 million people living up there. I think it should be: 45 000 millions of minutes. 🙂

  2. Martin,
    These are interesting numbers in indeed! I was trying to find out numbers on comparison of voice capacity of GSM and 3G (WCDMA) networks. Have you come across any relaible studies on this?

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