Impressions from the 2nd Anniversary Meeting of MoMo Norway

4306467054_6180b63f1d_b I'm back at home after a short visit to Norway this week to give a talk at the 2nd anniversary meeting of MoMo Oslo on Monday. It's been a great trip and a great MoMo with about 150-200 people showing up for the event. With Steinar Svalesen, Ajit Jaokar, Tomi Ahonen, Andrew Grill and Karine Storaker Braaten I think we offered a diverse program and despite the long program of over 3 hours the hall was still packed at the end. Thanks very much to Shaun Thanki for making it happen! Thanks also to all the people taking the time to talk to me after the presentation I learnt a lot about life and mobile in Norway!

No need to take it from me though, all presentations, the video and pictures can be found online:

I'd say that's excellent online coverage of the event!

And I learnt a couple of mobile things while walking a bit through Oslo: Two things are hard to find: Mobile phone stores from network operators and base station antennas. Both are very well hidden and you have to look closely 🙂 Also, I didn't see or hear anything of the LTE network supposedly running in Oslo!?

Picture above courtesy of MoMo Norways Flickr stream.