Video Interview With Martin Cooper – Wireless Pioneer

For all of you interested in the past and future of wireless, here's a link to a video interview with Martin Cooper, who created the first portable wireless phone back in the 1970's at Motorola. Great insights into how everything started and great ideas on what will happen next and what shouldn't. Enough said, if you have 32 minutes to spare, head over and enjoy. And if you have the time later, bookmark this and return later 🙂

[via IntoMobile]

5 thoughts on “Video Interview With Martin Cooper – Wireless Pioneer”

  1. Thanks for the video link Martin.

    As regards the interview – what a breath of freshair!

    A obviously very intelligent man, with a logical approach to topics.

    I always love to see people who were “there at the beginning”, who are still excited and interested in what is being achieved today.


  2. yes, it’s really an awesome interview. I have to agree with you that Mr. Cooper is really an inspirational figure. Thanks for the link.

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