My New Personal Speed Record: 11 MBit/s

11mbit-2 One and a half years ago, I was very impressed with download speeds of 5.76 MBit/s as measured by a German computer magazine in life networks. These days I have upgraded by equipment a bit and now have a stick that outpaces this value by far. At home, without any special setup, no external antenna, just the plain basic setup, I now get downlink speeds in excess of 11 MBit/s over HSPA. Have a look at the picture on the left where the speed shown as 1.4 MByte/s (around 11 MBit/s). Also interesting how stable the curve is with only small variations, i.e. no wild oscillations, etc. Very impressive and surely not the end point in the race for every faster and better wireless networks.

3 thoughts on “My New Personal Speed Record: 11 MBit/s”

  1. Oh, and what sort of latency are you getting? I was testing O2 the other day in London and got sub-100ms consistently (normally around 75ms), which I thought was very good.

  2. Hi Gabriel,

    Latency is around 60ms in my place. Yes, I think this is stunning, too. Quite an improvement from the 120 ms we were seeing in the early days of HSDPA without any uplink improvements.

    Concerning the location of the cell tower: Really, I have no idea where it is. There are a number of antennas I can see but I dont know which one is serving me. But I can answer your question in another way: I have a signal strength of the serving cell of -64 dbm (which is very good) and almost no interference from neighboring cells.


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