Bluetooth 3.0 and Wi-Fi Integration

There are quite a number of mobile devices on the market now boasting Bluetooth 3.0 support. But exactly which new features this encompasses remains a puzzle. None of the reviews I have seen so far from those devices have been able to establish if the central feature of version 3.0, i.e. the integration of Wi-Fi as a transport technology is meant or if only some other smaller improvements have been done. I suspects its rather the later and this description on Wikipedia suggests that Wi-Fi is only supported if a device is labled to support 'Bluetooth 3.0 + HS'.

In general I wonder a bit how difficult it is/will be to marry Wi-Fi with Bluetooth!? Today, the same RF chip is used for Bluetooth signaling and user data transfer. When using Wi-Fi as the bearer, signaling and user data will run over two independent hardware units that so far have no software in common at the lower layers. In mobile phones that are tightly integrated and potentially have a single chip for Bluetooth and Wi-Fi this might be easier to accomplish than on other devices such as notebooks where the two radios are on different chips, especially when Wi-Fi is built in while for Bluetooth a small USB dongle is used.