An Update I Liked: 40 MHz Wi-Fi Channels and Power Save Fix

40mhz-channelWhile my Wi-Fi access point / VDSL router at home was so far limited to a single 20 MHz channel in the 2.4 GHz band I was surprised that after a recent software update for getting better file sharing abilities has also resulted in a much improved throughput in the 2.4 GHz band. When copying a large file from one PC to another I noticed that the aggregate throughput was suddenly around 80 Mbit/s. A layer 1 Wi-Fi trace confirmed the assumptions as shown in the screenshot on the left. While my Wi-Fi card easily detects 20+ networks, the layer 1 trace reveals that they were not heavily used. Another thing that was fixed by the update was the interoperability I had for almost two years with my Nokia N8 and that Wi-Fi router. For some reason, the power save mode on the N8 slowed the Wi-Fi access point down to a trickle. The only solution so far was to disable the power save mode on the N8 or only running 802.11g on the access point. With this software update the issue has disappeared so they must have fixed it. Quite a long time for a fix but better late than never.