Travel Notes: The Power Strip

Power-stripJust a little anecdote today: I travel a lot and one of the most important gadgets I take along (believe it or not) is a low tech power strip. Be it conferences where a single outlet per person at a table is already considered a luxury or in hotel rooms where outlets are equally scarce, the power strip comes increasingly handy. The picture on the left proves the point:


  • Power for a computer
  • Power to recharge the mobile phone
  • Power to recharge the tablet
  • Power to recharge my wife's mobile phone
  • Power to drive my "Ownspot" Wi-Fi adapter to connect all those electronic gadgets to a single hotel Wi-Fi login or an Ethernet port.
  • Power for the refrigerator in the room that had to be unplugged for the power strip.

I wonder when hotels will start renting them out to guests at the reception…