A Raspberry Pi as a GSM Gateway

I've been running my ownCloud server on a Raspberry Pi for quite some time now and to say I am enthusiastic about it is rather an understatement. The Raspberry's versatility is incredible and I've recently come across another application that could come in quite handy in the future: Running Asterisk PBX on a RasPi and using it as a GSM Gateway.

Here's a post over at the Carrier-Connect blog that describes such a setup to forward calls over IP for a person's mobile number of country A to the person's mobile number of country B with the help of two Raspberry Pis and two 3G/GSM data sticks that are also circuit switched voice capable. And to make the Asterisk setup as painless as possible there's even ready to go Raspberry Debian (Raspbian) image and documentation available here. Amazing!