Peering: Who Pays Whom and Why? Level-3’s Point of View

In the past couple of weeks I had a a few posts on what peering is and who pays whom for what. Here's my book review that describes the topic in detail and here's a link to my post on the difference between network neutrality and Internet Service providers (especially in the US) trying to charge the content providers for traffic. Today I came across two posts on Level-3's blog (see here and here) that gives their perspective on the matter. An interesting read and a practical example of the theory I discussed in my previous blogs. Well worth the read!

(via 'I Cringely')

One thought on “Peering: Who Pays Whom and Why? Level-3’s Point of View”

  1. Hehe, this is funny. L3 complains that other companies do not invest in their own infrastructure? L3 is a backbone provider. They have their few *thousand* lines in shape to make them money. And now they compain that ISPs don’t overhaul their networks with many *millions* of customer lines? If they think they can do better they should go into ISP business.

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