No Roaming Charges (in the EU) Anymore for 5 Euros Extra Per Month

It's good to see that the continuing pressure of the EU on European mobile network operators for affordable roaming charges has resulted in a further improvement of roaming tariffs. My preferred German network operator, for example, now offers to lift roaming charges in the EU for 5 Euros extra per month.

This means that I can use my (previously national) flatrate for voice minutes for calls in the visited country and back to Germany, for SMS messages and, most importantly, I can use my 1 GB data bucket for mobile Internet access in any EU member state and some other places such as Switzerland, Lichtenstein, Norway, Iceland and, believe it or not, French Guayana (in South America), Reunion and a couple of other French territories. This offer was an absolute no-brainer and I activated it immediately when it became available earlier this month.

I expected to see similar offers from network operators in other countries so I had a look on the websites of operators in Austria and France but came up pretty much empty handed. Incredible, should Germany for once become the leader in roaming pricing!?

I'd be quite interested to hear from you what kind of roaming tariffs you use at the moment and what mobile network operators offer in your country at the moment. So if you have a minute, please consider leaving a comment below. Thanks!

4 thoughts on “No Roaming Charges (in the EU) Anymore for 5 Euros Extra Per Month”

  1. Interesting. Asia, operators still want an arm & leg if one want to use roaming.
    It can be anywhere between $1 to $4 per voice min; $$12-$16 daily unlimited data.

    So the first thing I do is simply turn off roaming/phone and queue up to buy local sim card in the visiting country.

  2. In Belgium, BASE has a number of EU tariffs.
    Not as attractive as the German offer, but it’s a start.
    I’m still on a Blackberry all you can eat (within reason) worldwide data roaming package on UK’s O2 network. I’ve not found anything to compete with it yet. It’s about 45€/mth on top of my regular Blackberry tariff.

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