German Spectrum Auction 2015 Started – Online Sources

Yesterday, the 2015 spectrum auction for wireless network operators has started in Germany. In addition to the re-auctioning of spectrum in the 900 and 1800 MHz band due to decade old licenses expiring, new spectrum is auctioned in the 700 MHz band (Digital Dividend 2) and some extra uni-directional spectrum in the 1500 MHz band. Hopefully, having only 3 companies bidding for the spectrum will not drive up the auction results to unreasonable levels as in the past. Anyway, Teltarif has published a good report about the results of the first day here and they'll probably follow the proceedings and comment on a regular basis. Worth watching in case you are interested in spectrum auctions. Their posts are in German but Google can help with the translation… And in case you are wondering about the T&C's of the auction, they can be found here, again, unfortunately in German only.

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  1. If one is interested in the detailed numbers, you can also have a look directly on the homepage of the Bundesnetzagentur at

    There they publish the latest results always right after the end of each bidding round.

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