Skype Still Supports Linux – But I Got Rid Of It On The PC Anyway

Despite my fears last year that Skype that is owned by Microsoft these days might cease to support PC Linux at some point and leave me stranded, it hasn't happen yet. Last year I speculated that should this happen I would probably just move Skype to an Android tablet and be done with it. As I remarked at the time this would have the additional benefit that I would reduce exposure of my private data to non-open source programs as an added benefit. Between then and now I went ahead and tried out using Skype on a tablet and a smartphone despite its ongoing support for Linux on PCs and found that it's even nicer to use on these platforms than on the PC. During video calls I can even walk around now without cutting multiple cords first. And I have the added benefit that there's no exposure to my private information anymore by a non-open source program as I otherwise only use that tablet for ebook reading. I'm glad tablets have become so cheap that one can have several of them each dedicated to a few sepcific purposes. That ties in well with my thoughts on the Macbook 2015 becoming the link between Mobiles and Notebooks.

2 thoughts on “Skype Still Supports Linux – But I Got Rid Of It On The PC Anyway”

  1. when i started reading the first lines of this article i thought you found a sufficient self hosted open source alternative to skype 😉

  2. Hi Seb, you could try Jitsibridge from in combination with your own xmpp server.
    This would be my next RasPi project but currently I don’t find sufficient time…

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