Email As The Simple Way Out

Another normob (normal mobile user) story today. A friend of mine keeps track of her notes on her Nokia N82 as it's quite convenient to use it together with a Bluetooth keyboard while traveling. While most of those notes stay on the phone, every now and then they should also end up on the PC. So how can that be done best, i.e. quickest? As a normob, that's a difficult question (but shouldn't be).

The answer is quite simple once you've set up an email account on the phone and are used to using the Wi-Fi connectivity at home with the phone. Then you just go to the notes application, click on send via email and the note ends up in the email inbox on the PC a couple of seconds later. Simple and straight forward once you've figured out how. And again, that's the problem, figuring it out in the first place. Too many pieces have to fall into place first before it becomes easy.

On the other hand, now that there is one 'killer application' for mobile email and use of the Wi-Fi at home (in addition to VoIP telephony) with the phone (and to her it's still a phone and not a mobile device…), it might lead to discovery that the mobile email client can be used for much more than to just forward notes.

Hm, maybe that's the difference between the iPhone vs. the competition from a normob point of view: While the iPhone is seen as 'something + a phone', other devcies are still seen as 'a phone + something'!?