The football worldcup – coming to a mobile near you

Not that I am the greatest football fan of all times but a recent entry in Christian’s blog has caught my interest: Yahoo has launched a mobile version of their football world cup coverage site and seems to be the official partner of the Fifa. Check it out at the Fifa web page. There’s a link leading to information how to access the mobile site in the middle of their home page. For those of you not living in one of the countries where they offer a free SMS with the link, point your mobile browser to

There’s lots of content on the mobile site already and you can register for sweets like free SMS alerts on goals when your favourite team is playing. Looks like Yahoo sees this as a good opportunity to get people interested in the mobile web and of course what Yahoo is doing in this domain. With all the media hype around the world cup and people being so excited I tend to agree.

I haven’t seen too many mobile offerings for the last Winter Olympics (but I have to admit I didn’t really look for them). So is this the first time such a world wide event also get’s some world wide and free (to what an extend we will see) coverage on the mobile web? I wished there was a similar offer to keep track of what’s going on in Formula 1.

So here we are right in the battle between content providers such as Yahoo and mobile operators to get the attention of mobile users. Let’s see who does a better job. I’ve quickly checked if my home operator (Vodafone Germany) is offering anything similar and how it compares. Looks like they also offer free Goal alerts via SMS but beyond that I didn’t see much. Let’s see how it develops.