Quicktime Pro converts video to .3gp format

Sometimes I download video podcasts I would like to watch and which would also be suitable for watching while on the go on my Nokia N70 mobile. The built in Realplayer, however, does not recognize a lot of different video formats so most of the time, attempts to play such video podcasts on the mobile phone are not very successful. Now I’ve discovered that Apple’s Quicktime player in it’s pro version is able to export video format into the .3gp format which is used by most mobile phones. I gave it a try with a 20 minutes news show which I downloaded as MPEG-4. Reformating to .3gp format took about 3 minutes and the 20MB input file produced a 13MB output file. To my very positive surprise the phone’s built in Realplayer instantly recognized the file and played the 20 minutes video file flawlessly.

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