The Book to this Blog: A Solid Introduction to Wireless

I’ve dedicated well over 15 months of my quality time into my latest project and now it’s finally done and available in book stores around the world: Therefore, I am proud to announce general availability of the book to this blog "Communication Systems for the Mobile Information Society", published by John Wiley & Sons.

If you are looking for a solid introduction to GSM, GPRS including EDGE, UMTS with HDSPA and HSUPA, Wireless LAN, fixed and mobile WiMAX 802.16, as well as Bluetooth, this book is for you! My intention behind the book is to give a well balanced overview with a good level of detail for each technology rather than to go into the deepest details a book dedicated on a single technology would do. Here’s the link to the book on to find out more. If you have an account you can even browse through the book with their "look inside" functionality.

I felt it was time to write something like this as most students certainly do not read six individual books of 300 – 400 pages each for a college course on wireless. I’ve also seen that many wireless experts working in a particular field covered by the book would like to find out more about other technologies but simply do not have the time to read a 400 page book dedicated on a single wireless technology.

Each chapter contains a questionnaire at the end so you can test how
well you have understood the system explained in each chapter. The
answers to the questions are right here on this blog, take a look on
the left side.

If you come to this web site regularly you might have noticed that I do not only express my visions for the wireless future in my entries but usually also give them quite a technical spin. The book is similar in this regard as it contains my enthusiasm for wireless technologies, my knowledge on how they work, and explanations on why the systems were designed the way they are, their differences and their commonalities. The advantage of a book compared to a blog: You have more time and space to develop thoughts and explain.

Feedback and questions are always welcome! You can reach me at gsmumts (AT) Enjoy the book!

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  1. Congratulations Martin! Way to go!! 🙂
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