Transcoding Video Files For Your Mobile Phone

Got an N93 or other N-series phone and like to convert your videos and TV recordings for mobile viewing? It seems it is simpler than I initially thought. Take a look at the free MediaCoder for Windows which converts just about any video format into what’s required for mobile. Converting a file is as simple as selecting the input file and hitting the start button in the application.

Converting videos for the N93 works just perfectly with the default settings in the program for the iPod video format. The N70 has it’s own setting as it doesn’t seem to support the 25 frames per second and high encoding rate of the N93 and iPod.

I made a first test by converting a WMV coded one hour TV show I recorded via an online video recorder into mpeg4. Input file size: 387MB. Output file size: about 200MB. Good that I’ve got that 2GB flash card in my phone… Video quality on the N93 is excellent, even the smallest details and texts can still be read on the screen. Conversion time for the one hour show was about thirty minutes on my 1.9 GHz Centrino notebook. Final test step: I’ve played the recording on the N93 and detected no problems, no glitches, no crashed. Excellent!

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  1. Great to see this happening for real, this is the stuff that I used to write in S60 Multimedia Blog 🙂 Keep in mind though that N93 (and N95) are so far the only devices that are able to handle ‘iPod video format’.

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