Opportunities for Wirless Operators with ADSL Assets

Some wireless operators like Vodafone and O2 are now getting into selling  DSL access besides their wireless core business. I wonder if this might open up opportunities for devices like the Nokia N-series phones with Wifi capabilities (N80, N93 and N95)!?

With such devices, operators could offer data services for mobile devices that use the 3G network while away and the DSL line over Wifi while at home. Such applications could be eMail, web browsing, and social media applications like picture sharing and video services such as  YouTube adapted for mobile. A crucial factor for such an offer from the technical side is that the phone automatically uses the Wifi AP at home instead of the 3G connection. Nokia has done a first step in this direction with the Wifi configuration client that shows Wifi networks on the idle screen. The next step to automatically select a preconfigured Wifi Access Point instead of a 3G connection is simple.

Operators who can combine fixed+mobile access could also use their assets to offer advanced convergence services like access to the home network which is connected to the net via the DSL connection from a mobile phone or a notebook with a 3G card while the user is away from home. There is a huge potential here. The mobile could be used to access files, pictures and videos and to monitor and control appliances at home while underway. All these services require both the fixed and the mobile network plus an operator that is willing to integrate the service, i.e. to offer monitoring and control boxes like network connected power switches, household appliances, web cameras, video recorders, etc. as part of the fixed/mobile Internet package.

I think that such offers could be an ideal way for fix+wireless operators to distinguish themselves from fixed only or wireless only operators. At the same time they could sell services, which is their dream scenario anyway, and thus increase their (average) revenue per user (ARPU). BUT: this requires partnerships with external content and services providers such as YouTube for example. Internally developed applications just don’t stand much of a chance with the speed applications are developed by the larger Internet community.

So seen from a different perspective DSL helps to promote 3G and 3G helps to sell DSL. Sounds like a great combination to me. And while we are at it: Don’t forget to offer attractive 3G data roaming as part of such a package!

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