3GSM: Day One and Mobile Sunday

So it is finally Monday morning and the exhibition has opened it’s doors. It’s still rather quiet here no queues and shoving scenes at the entrance and inside the halls yet. It’s not going to last. This morning is my free morning, no appointments to run to, just walking through the exhibition halls to discover new things.

Some people are saying that the most important thing about 3GSM is not the Congress itself but what happens around it. I tend to agree. Last night I went to the Mobile Sunday Barcelona, organized by Stuart Mudie and Rudy de Waele. Lot’s of people came who I knew, who knew me and lot’s of people I haven’t met before. William probably got the prize for coming from the most distant place, the Philippines. Rafe of AllAboutSymbian.com had difficulties making sure his N95 prototype didn’t get lost while wandering through many hands 😉

To make it a real mobile party, MyStrands was there with their PartyStrands (http://mystrands.com) music system which lets people influence the choice of music that is played via SMS, or via the Internet either via GPRS/UMTS or over the free Wifi which was in place last night. The system also allowed party goes to send text messages and pictures which were then displayed on the big screens.  A truly enjoyable evening. Thanks to the organizers and a hello to all people I met last night.

Zooming back to today: This is going to be a short exhibition day for me as the Mobile Monday Peer Awards will take place this afternoon starting at three. 700+ people have registered and it’s going to be a monumental event. Looking forward very much to it.

So, before I sign off for the moment, here’s a link to Flickr where you will find the images I take during the week: http://flickr.com/tags/mtrends

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  1. Yes… the fartest away and the last to arrive. The Philippines is pretty far away. Well hope to have more reasons to go to your side of the world. More power to you guys!

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