How To Read This Blog On The Go

With an Internet tablet or a powerful mobile web browser running on devices like the Nokia N- or E-Series phones, this blog can be read on the go pretty much like on an ordinary PC. Many people, however, use less powerful browsers which need content adaptation. Additionally, network coverage while traveling can vary greatly and sometimes browsing while on a train or in the car is difficult. There are other ways, however, to read this and other blogs on the go:

  • A mobile RSS feed reader: Similar to feed reader programs on the PC, users can make a list of their favorite blog feeds. The program then downloads the content of the feeds which can then be viewed off line. This is my favorite way of reading blogs both on the PC and on the mobile. Several mobile feed reader applications are available and my favorite is Resco News for S60.
  • Opera Mini: If mobile phone processing power or high mobile Internet prices are an issue, Opera Mini is the solution. It’s a Java applet, runs on many phones, and uses a server on the net to format web pages for easy viewing on a small display. Pages are also compressed to save money and to reduce download times.
  • Google Mobile: Offers a service which reformats pages for mobile viewing.
  • Winksite: Among other things, Winksite can take RSS feeds to create mobile websites. This blog for example can be read with almost any mobile browser via For people with phones that include a 2D barcode reader application, I’ve supplied a code on the side bar which contains the URL of the mobile version of this blog.

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