Prepaid Mobile Internet Access Keeps Evolving

Just two weeks have passed now that three German Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs), all using the networks of E-Plus, have announced to slash costs for mobile Internet access to 0.24 Euros per megabyte for their prepaid offers. I’ve tried it out myself and I really like the prepaid way of being connected wirelessly while on the go. The companies haven’t gone silent since and have kept the press busy with new announcements.

At this time only AldiTalk SIM cards give users access to the UMTS network while subscribers of the other MVNOs are restricted to the GSM/GPRS network of E-Plus. One of them has reacted now has announced that SIM cards which allow access to the UMTS network will be available shortly. I guess some people must be really busy right now getting this in place to catch up with the competition.

To keep the press writing about the new tariff, one operator has announced that new subscribers will get a welcome bonus of 80 megabytes. Not too bad! Keep going guys, hopefully the competition using the T-Mobile network will wake up and enter the prepaid mobile data realm as well!