Call Us Free By Skype

This is not a very mobile blog entry today unless you are using Skype via one of the third party clients now available. For many years I’ve heard people in the industry talking about how to integrate telephony functionality into web pages. Never saw a web site that actually did it until today. Take a look at the picture on the left. It’s part of a web page of Hotel Morgana in Rome, Italy. A Skype call button and the invitation to call them via Skype for free is placed neatly in the middle of the page. It makes total sense for them as they have guests from all over the world who would not be able to call national 0800 numbers. For them it also makes sense as the cost of offering the service for them is either zero as well or only very small in case they use Skype call forwarding to their fixed line phone. This is free for the caller and only costs a couple of cents to the hotel owner.