Antenna Hide And Seek

Another reflection from my recent visit to the U.S.: While in Europe cellular towers and antennas can be spotted easily and everywhere be it both in cities and countryside, I was a bit astonished to only rarely notice them in the U.S!?

After a couple of days I figured out why: Many of the antennas are put directly on walls of taller buildings instead of on top of buildings and are sometimes even camouflaged. The sophistication ranges from using a similar color as the building up to painting the house’s brick structure on the antennas itself. Not sure if the trend continues as I saw quite a few examples of camouflaged antennas on buildings and the usual grey antennas on the top of the building, probably newer and by another operator. No longer a need for hiding them?

2 thoughts on “Antenna Hide And Seek”

  1. The real reason why you can’t see the antennas in the US is that there aren’t any. Cell phone networks in the US are crap. No antennas, no coverage.

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