Nokia ships first UTMS/HSPA 900 Phone

Recently, Finland’s Elisa has started the operation of one of the first UMTS/HSPA networks in the 900 MHz frequency band. While I heard this news some time ago I never quite figured out which mobile devices they had for the product launch. Most mobile devices shipped in Europe only support UMTS/HSPA on the 2100 MHz band. One of the few exceptions is Sony-Ericsson with their K850i, which also support U.S. frequency bands. But even this model does not support the 900 MHz band. Now Wikipedia reveals the secret: Elisa offers the Nokia 6121 classic for use in their network. As confirmed by this page on the Nokia web site it supports 3.5G on both the 2100 MHz and 900 MHz band. An encouraging first step! Keep going Nokia!