Telco 2.0 in 2008

Lots of blogs with web 2.0 and mobile web 2.0 predictions for 2008. But what’s happening in the telco space and how is it influenced by web 2.0 and mobile web 2.0? The Telco 2.0 blog features a number of interesting predictions for 2008. Some time is required for reading the whole thing but if you work in telecoms it’s a must read.

Some things that ring back here:

  • "Voice gets absorbed by the Internet borg" : Yup, 95% of my calls are either pure VoIP or at least contain a "non-telco" VoIP leg to make it cheaper. Mass market is very close.
  • "Emerging market voice and messaging isn’t just cheap and cheerful, but dangerously different": Yup, operators will struggle to replicate their voice success of Telco 1.0 in the new world order once IMS makes it out of the lab.