3GSM / MWC : Location Based Search Put Into Practice

So what do you do on a Sunday morning in Bercelona when you need to buy a couple of things you can’t buy on a Sunday around the next corner? Of course you could go out and look for a supermarket that is open on Sundays. That probbably won’t work because according to Murphy’s law, they will hide from you until you have at least found one. You could ask a local but that usually also doesn’t work as he or she is likely not to speak English… Typical search issues in a foreign town. So I tried a local search on my N93. With Opera mini, I querried the Yahoo search engine for ‘Barcelona Supermarket Sunday’. Instantly, I get search results that point me to supermarkets open on Sundays. The winner was a report from a tourist who’s had the same problem and was nice enough to link to the web page of a supermarket chain including location, phone number and everything. Excellent. A quick look on Nokia maps on the mobile reveals the exact location and metro station and I am on the way. Great, that’s how it should be.