3GSM / MWC: Pre-Congress Impressions

It`s Sunday and I am in Barcelona for some sightseeing before the Mobile World Congress starts tomorrow. I`ve already collected my badge yesterday to avoid queueing up tomorrow morning. Lines are going to be long. Afterwards I took a quick look at the exhibition ground. As you can see on the picture on the left, everything is pretty much still in flux. By Monday morning it will look a lot different.

It`s amazing how many people are working at the exibition to get everything set up and ready for tomorrow. From technicians, to plumbers to telecoms people who set up demo networks, the Fira hosts a crowd speaking in at least 5 languages simultaneously if you stop for a moment and focus some of the conversations around. Add to that some beautiful weather, 18 degrees celcius air temperature and a light wind and there is not much more to be desired, except perhaps if you are one of those who have to prepare the Fira.

You can find more pictures on my Flickr account, the link is on the right of the page. Starting tomorrow stay tuned for daily updates from the event. For quick thoughts I`ll use Jaiku. You can find my stream on the right of this page. Since the event is huge I expect that everyone has something different to say. The 3GSM side events wiki I have  also linked to at the right of the page contains a list of others who have said they would also report live from the event.