3GSM / MWC : Mobile Monday Global Peer Awards

So here I am at the Mobile Monday Global Peer Awards listening to 3 minute presentations of startups being selected in a lot of different Mobile Monday cities around the world to present their idea here in Barcelona.

To me, most concepts seem to be too complex to be understandably presented in 3 minutes as I have difficulties following some concepts let alone become excited about them. But there are some exceptions which I can connect with instantly. My favourite startup idea of the afternoon is from Sentry Wireless in Ireland. They have developed a SIM card application called KidSafe which screens incoming SMS and voice calls and only allows those to go through that have been preapproved before. This way parents can protect their kids from unsolicited SMS and phone calls from strangers who have picked up their kids phone number from who knows where. A great extension to products for kids to safely surf the web on PCs. Since the solution is SIM card based it will work with any phone. The approval process is done directly via the phone ‘s menu so no complex web setup or over the air provisioning is required. Good news for parents who at some point have to give that mobile phone to their youngsters.

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