3GSM / MWC : Mobile Sunday Wrapup

Last night was Mobile Sunday, organized by Rudy de Waele of m-trends.org in the LaChica bar in Barcelona. Incredible event, the bar was packed and I would say it easily had the highest concentration of mobile startup representatives per square meter in the world. Lot’s of serious business card exchanges went on. Mentioning all the interesting people I have met would easily overflow the blog so I’ll just focus on some examples.

As the Mobile Sunday was sponsored by MyStrands, their team was there in force again to show their recommendation solutions. Thanks Jane for showing me the stuff you have added since last year!

Location and what you can do with it is a hot topic for me this year. So I was glad to meet Andrew Grill from Seeker Wireless, a company specializing in location solutions. Their products range from home zone solutions on SIM cards to Java Libraries for enhancing cell based location methods to improve accuracies of programs making use of this type of positioning. We also discussed location and mobile advertising and how targeted advertising based on current location of the user could enhance the experience. That brings mobile operator Blyk to my mind who could definitely use such a solution. So in short, concerning non-GPS location, there’s no way around Seeker.

I have to say that I was quite impressed with the many French companies being present yesterday who are active in mobile despite the difficult conditions in France concerning affordable pricing for mobile data. I talked with Cederic Giorgi for example about Goojet a new portal idea that is a mixture of Facebook and Netvibes. And finally for today, if you are a startup in Europe or France and need some help with your PR to find venture capital funding etc. talk to Lucie-Anne Radimsky of ballou>>pr in Paris.

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  1. Hi,
    did you get my previous SMS ? I’m not sure, as I don’t see it here..

    Anyway, I just wanted to say it was a pleasure to meet you a Barcelona and discuss about Mobile. nice to find people able to challenge you when discusssing.

    I think you’re in Paris so if you wannna meet one day for a lunch, with pleasure !!


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