Is Spell Checking Only A Nice To Have Feature On Mobiles?

Quite often I am using my N95 and a Bluetooth keyboard to respond to eMails and to write a blog entry such as this one. While it works quite well, I am really missing a good spell checking feature. I don’t think that’s to difficult since the dictionary for it is already in the phone for the T-9 functionality. Is this only a nice to have feature desired by few? What do you think?

3 thoughts on “Is Spell Checking Only A Nice To Have Feature On Mobiles?”

  1. Email replies (most people still wait to get to a PC for a reply that’s important enough for a spell check) and blogging via mobile has not gone mainstream.Once it gains critical mass, product managers will certainly move it from ‘nice to have’ to ‘must have’ list.

  2. I have a simple and effective spellchecker on my Blackberry. But as a native English speaker using a full keypad, I only tend to use it when having brain fade. For SMS it’s pointless. I actually use Google most often to check words – it offers useful suggestions, definitions, a thesaurus and helps me identify phrases.

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