2 Day WiMAX Course at the University of Oxford

Today a little bit of self advertisement which might be of interest to those of you in the WiMAX business: On June 12 and 13, Chris Beardsmore of Intel, John Edwards of PicoChip and myself will host a 2 day WiMAX course at the University of Oxford’s Department of Continuing Education.

I am very proud to be part of this trio and each of us has a different angle on the technology. Chris has been working on the WiMAX business development side for many years and has a lot of information to share of how WiMAX is doing from that point of view. John is the air interface expert and will share his knowledge about the in’s and out’s from basic OFDM to MIMO. And myself, being the core and radio network guy will concentrate on the WiMAX core network, the radio network, authentication, mobility and session management and lots of things around it.

So, if I have caught your interest, head over to the course’s web site for the details. During this week, there are also a number of other wireless courses given by industry experts ranging from mobile web to the latest on HSPA and LTE. So if you have a bit more time to spend, it’s very well worth to stay a few extra days!