HSPA USB Stick – Autoinstall

I always wondered a bit how HSPA USB sticks would automatically install the required software on a Windows computer as advertised!? Today, I got a Huawei E220 HSPA USB modem into my hands and could try for myself. Surprisingly, the software really  installs itself as the device says. When plugged in it says it's a CD drive and, later on, a USB modem. Once the CD drive is auto-installed, the autostart program from the virtual CD drive is executed, which then installs the the drivers and control program for the modem. Very nice, quick and efficient. It also looks like the system is pretty much left in one piece which some people say can not be said from similar software from Vodafone and T-Mobile…

3 thoughts on “HSPA USB Stick – Autoinstall”

  1. This has become pretty standard already for most USB modems in the market. The only issue sometimes is that telcos require their own control software that does not autoinstall properly 🙁

  2. Hi Martin, Auto-install is a big improvement, for sure. What I want now is 3G built into a laptop.

    I’ve been following your reviews of 3G service across Europe these past few years. They’re always interesting. Thanks.

    I just published a review of the Vodafone 7.2 Mbit/s in London (using the Huawei E172 modem) on our news site Unstrung.com.
    See: http://www.unstrung.com/document.asp?doc_id=154401

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