OperaMini Tip of the Week: Default Access Point

I use OperaMini day in and day out as my prefered browser and love the experience. Well, except for one thing, the frequent network selection dialog boxes. Some say it is an S60 feature but in my opinion this is just a big bug in the software. Anyway, Constantine from Intomobile now provided a great solution to the problem: In the S60 application manager, it is possible to define the behavior for each Java program. To get rid of the stupid dialog boxes, open the application manager, select OperaMini, select Open, and then set ‘Network Access’ to ‘Ask first time’. Afterwards, no more stupid dialog boxes. Thanks, Constantine!

The only drawback seems to be that one has to select a default access point when the setting is changed. This makes it difficult to use OperaMini over the Wifi network at home when the default access point has been set to the cellular network. Well, I guess you can’t have it all.

2 thoughts on “OperaMini Tip of the Week: Default Access Point”

  1. Hmm, maybe you could use a group of access points?
    On my E61 I was able to create a group in the connection manager and put my home wifi and cellular in it. Now I can select this group as access point and it should use first the wifi and second cellular.

  2. Hi Jan,

    a great tip. Unfortunately, this feature hasn’t yet made it from Eseries to Nseries. Not so nice…


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