Virtual Geocaching Beats Chaos Organization

I am glad to have the Internet in my pocket to help in situations when the organization of others make success without pain highly unlikely. Take the follwoing scenario that happend to me recently: A theater visit is organized (note the passive in the sentence) in a city none of us have visited before. Turns out instructions concerning how to find the theater are practically worthless. People in the town are helpful but have different opinions on where the theater is ranging from ‘just aroundd the corner’ to ‘at the other end of town’. So here the Internet and navigation on my Nokia N95 comes to the rescue. Googeling for the town’s and theater’s name reveals the address and phone number of the theater immediately. Ah, the theater has three stages throughout the city. That explains the different opinions of the locals. A quick look into a local newspaper reveals the theater for the play. O.k., since Google has found the address, a quick look with Nokia Maps shows us the exacct place and guides us to the theater. How nice, how painless 🙂 Needless to say that the bus driver of the other group was one hour late since he had no one finding the details with his phone.

One thought on “Virtual Geocaching Beats Chaos Organization”

  1. I had a similar experience with some lost tourists a few months ago in Brussels. They were most impressed that I found their hotel on Google and was able to use Googlemaps on the BlackBerry to send them in the right direction. “I must get one of those” was the parting shot.

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