The Origin of the Nokia Tune

Each and every of the billions of Nokia mobile phones that has been shipped in the last decade comes with it: The now famous Nokia tune. But do you know where it originally comes from?

Believe it or not, the few notes now known to most people around the globe are from the Valse Grande by Francisco Tárrega, a Spanish composer who lived in Spain between 1852 and 1909. For the details see the Wikipedia entry on Francisco Tárrega and the Nokia Tune.

Thanks to Guy Daniels of Telecom TV, who made me aware of it in his movie ‘Mobile Planet‘, which has been released last week in London. And here’s a link to the trailer, where you can hear, of course, the Nokia tune.

2 thoughts on “The Origin of the Nokia Tune”

  1. Thanks for the mention Martin. We had a private screening last month, and are now gearing up to wider distribution.

    Stefan, we’ll be putting a version online in a few months (need to distribute some DVDs and get the film into a few festivals first). Give us about a month, and we’ll have a fresh website ready, where we’ll be streaming (and downloading) about 30 interviews during the year (you only manage to get about 20secs in the film from each person, so makes sense to release the whole filmed interviews separately).

    We do indeed want as many people as possible to see it, but just having to go through complex pre-release issues first.

    Thanks again for the interest.

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