The Ultimate Test: The N82 in the Hands of a Normob

A while ago I started the ultimate usability test by pre-configuring a Nokia N82 for mobile Internet access, as notebook modem, for mobile eMail and for picture uploads to Flickr to see how this would work out in practice with a normob (normal mobile user). While the project is still ongoing, the results so far are mixed 🙂

  • Notebook Access: The N82 as a notebook modem has become fully accepted, as it enables use of  the Internet as before.
  • Mobile eMail: While for me this is great, the test person’s eMail usage is a bit different. She gets lots of eMails with attachments that can’t really be viewed very well on a small screen. So as a consequence she prefers not to look at eMails at her mobile at all. Not a winner here…
  • OperaMini: Used from time to time, but sometimes it takes a bit of encouragement.
  • Picture Upload to Flickr: Still not really used. I am still trying to figure out why because to me the upload process looks really simple. Maybe not to a normob, not sure…
  • 3G Video Calls: Believe it or not but they are a sure winner to put the location into visual context accross the continent every now and again.

To be continued.