Chanalyzer 3.1 Beta for WiSpy with Cool New Features

About half a year ago, I first reported on Wi-Spy by Metageek, a Layer 1 Wifi / Bluetooth tracing tool. Last week, Metageek reported that they have started trialling their 3.1 beta version of the Chanalyzer with a number of cool new features. The most useful one for me is that the software is now also able to query the Wifi card of my notebook for the network names, channels and signal strengths. This information can then be used to overlay the data reported by Wi-Spy. In the past I always did this with a separate program which was always a bit awkward. The picture on the left shows how this overlay looks like in practice at my place. My network  is on Channel 11, surrounded by numerous others. Not a pretty radio environment, maybe I should move to channel 1. Thanks Metageek, that's a great addition! For more details, have a look here.