IPhone 3G Sparks Wireless Data Price Debate In Canada

Many people say many things about what the iPhone changes in the wireless world. But this one I haven’t heard about before: Looks like the introduction of the iPhone in Canada has made Canadians becoming aware of the high prices they have to pay for mobile Internet access compared to in other countries. When I checked a year ago, I had difficulties to even find a data plan on Roger’s web page. Looks like things have changed at least a bit since then, they are now offering packages from a couple of hundred megabytes to a couple of gigabytes, but still at rates several times higher than what you have to pay for the same package in Europe. Interesting links on the topic here, here and here. And for Roger’s price plans take a look here. What I don’t see at all yet are promotions for Internet access via 3G/USB sticks for notebooks which has become very popular in many European countries lately. One step at a time I guess…

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  1. You are right it definitely has made Canadians become a bit more aware of the somewhat sad state of mobile communications in the country. There is an unfortunate lack of competition in the Canadian wireless space right now which has led to both high data prices as well as little (to no) movement towards things like the 3G/USB dongles you mentioned. Another interesting site that has sprung up is http://getthefactsonrogersiphone.com/ which provides some good comparative data of Rogers vs offers in the US and UK.

  2. Proof that the iPhone is a game changer? Roger’s rates with the iPhone have actually gone down, not up. However previously not as many noticed or so it would seem. It is the iPhone introduction that has brought the LONG overdue attention to the high rates in Canada.

    The media attention in this has really grown. One competitor to Rogers, Bell Mobility, is going to introduce the Samsung instinct (iPhone clonish) and offer unlimited data on the instinct for $10 with some service at a premium (streaming music, GPS, etc) http://www.theglobeandmail.com/servlet/story/RTGAM.20080703.wgtinstinct0703/BNStory/Technology/home

    Apparently Roger’s high tarrifs have drawn the attention of Apple too. Apple may be restricting iPhone shipments to Roger’s: http://www.appleinsider.com/articles/08/07/06/apple_allegedly_sanctioning_rogers_for_iphone_rates.html

    like the iPhone or not, at least it has brought the long overdue attention to the absordly high rates in Canada…

  3. Meanwhile, the other two carriers in Canada (Bell and Telus – both CDMA) are going to start charging 15 cents for incoming text messages. This too has sparked debate on the blogs and created press in the news: http://www.canada.com/theprovince/news/story.html?id=8c114a53-2000-4831-a04c-eee3fcb535ba

    operators say it is to recover the cost of running the network due to the strain on the network…

    well prices are dropping in the rest of the world and going flat rate, Canada continues to lag… sigh.

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