No More Reboots In the Metro

In the past I have reported that my Nokia N95 had the nasty habbit of rebooting spontaneously while using OperaMini and moving from cell to cell e.g. while traveling on the train and in the metro. How often the mobile rebooted semt to depend on the country, i.e. which mobile network I used, i.e. which network vendor supplied the infrastructure. This week I noticed that my N95 no longer reboots in the metro. That is interesting, since I haven’t made a software update and the Opera Mini version is still the same. So it seems like the network operator, Orange France in this case, must have made a software upgrade in the network or has changed some parameters. In any case, mobile Internet use has become much more practical again for me in France. Thanks to whoever fixed it.

4 thoughts on “No More Reboots In the Metro”

  1. It seems it had something to do with Java and connectivity. S60 native applications running while traveling did not result in a reboot.

  2. This fix must be VERY recent if it’s something done on the operator side. I’ve had an N95 for just over a week and I’ve had this happen to me quite a bit too.

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