1st Anniversary of the Prepaid Wireless Internet Wiki

A year ago, I decided to share my knowledge about how to stay connected to the Internet while on the move with prepaid SIM cards. A Wiki looked like the best solution for the info I had on about four or five different countries. Pages can easily be changed because offers are changing frequently and I was speculating that others might put there info in there as well. Now a year later, I have to say the result is stunning!

  • My initial 4 or 5 pages have expanded to 85, most supplied by others.
  • Entries now range from North and South America, Europe and Asia to Australia.
  • In July 2008, the Wiki had 12.000 page hits from 6.000 different visitors, that's about 200 visitors a day.

I am very happy because my willingness to share has actually brought me great new tips I was not aware about. Especially the following have been invaluable to me personally:

So thanks to all of you how have added your information to the Wiki and to those who that keep the pages up to date in this quickly changing market. Together we have created an invaluable source of information for travelers!

3 thoughts on “1st Anniversary of the Prepaid Wireless Internet Wiki”

  1. Hi Eduardo,

    you’ve added a great many of those pages and for me personally, the Orange France entry has been the most worthwhile!


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