RIM’s European Advertisment Campain for the Young and Cool

It's interesting to see how RIM attempts to push their Blackberrys beyond their core market, email business users, and how it advertises the new models. It's funny when you come across the same poster in different countries in different languages, it's almost like a deja vu. Below are two examples of the same poster, one from the U.K. and the other from Italy.

While Michael Mace says RIM is not in the same market as Apple except for some overlap, it seems to me that this overlap is not that small anymore. With their campaign they are definitely trying to increase the overlap, just as Apple tries to add functionality to appeal to business users to increase the overlap in their favor.

I think even before this advertising campaign, RIM has already moved beyond the typical business user anyway. When I was in the US recently, I saw lots of definitely "non-business" people carrying a Blackberry. Maybe that's because there is not a lot of choice. In operator stores, there was the iPhone, a couple of Blackberry variants and a couple of very low end phones. Nothing much in between.


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